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Are You Insured

insuredAre You Insured Or Ensured of Living Well?

Most people believe that Insurance is simply an egg shell, which seems insignificant. Moreover, the majority of people you see in everyday life always complain that Insurance is simply a monetary activity.

Wealth management is misunderstood.

In or Ensure?
Upon learning more about the processes and results, I felt the urge to learn more about it. Ironically, the masses all flee and hide as soon as the feel a little exposed. I saw the surge in confidence and the fall in investments too.

There will always exist a need to ensure life’s welfare and a person’s well being. Even as life’s aging, ‘depreciation in value and production’ sets in to lower the standards of living.

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So, if you thought deeply about it; like me, you will do research and hear talks , attend workshops and seminars to learn more about the preventative methods available. Ultimately, you will see the facts and figures that make sense to any individual and awake the persons who always wanted; or is having the false impression of being protected.

Upon realisation, you should feel the same as I did, and make the effort to do research and understand the needs personally; regarding: Health and Wealth.

Having learnt so much more about this industry, and am involved in its activities; I armed myself with basic saving and investing in financial healthcare. I hope that the people around me will be feeling the sensation of revealing the truth that is kept from us in the form of financial education.

Stanley Lai is a cancer survivor who achieved in an awkward way and lived on. He now writes articles to inspire others and help them to overcome challenges in life; and living in Singapore.